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Bringing Bitcoin Sovereignty to the People
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Bringing Bitcoin Sovereignty to the People
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BTC Impact! Endeavors to bring the beliefs of the Bitcoin Whitepaper to life. Freedom for all.


The digital revolution is here and Bitcoin stands to usher in equality, sovereignty and the opportunity to build generational wealth for a population of people who have been systematically excluded.
BTC will put boots-on-the-ground to take financial literacy, the fundamentals of Bitcoin investing and related technologies to the people.

Early Inspiration

We believe that with each step we are aiding kids of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds on a path to embrace new emerging technologies by offering in-person Bitcoin learning sessions.

The sessions will include age appropriate teachings and examples of Bitcoin basics: Robotics, AI, Gaming, Blockchain, Mining, and Engineering.

We know children are the future and the lifeline of Bitcoin success.


BTC Impact! Education

BTC Impact! Commits to use its’ expertise, verified resources and industry relationships to create Bitcoin curricula for underserved communities. Our ultimate goal is to supply the tools and break mindsets dependent upon the fiat banking system.

BTC Impact! Engagements

i. We will dispatch volunteers and instructors to Bitcoin friendly cities coordinating town hall meetings, family literacy talks with action plans and brain storming sessions with elected officials and community leaders. We plan to create learning spaces that encourage peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions of products and services

ii. Our ultimate goal is to lay down the ground work for neighborhoods to create circular economies.


We will keep you posted on our upcoming cities and meetings across the country


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Satoshi Nakamoto
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Namcios, Bitcoin Magazine, June 18, 2021
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by Nelson Renteria, Tom Wilson, and Karin Strohecker, Reuters



• Support – BTC Impact! needs your help. We are in need of funding, learning materials, and human capital. We are putting this cause on our shoulders going state-to-state bringing the history of Bitcoin, and empowering communities and creating workforce opportunities in tech.
• We will use your donations to kick off each phase of progress. We believe that with each step we are aiding youth, parents, and communities to untether themselves from the fiat system.

• It will take all of us, the Bitcoin maxi’s, the plebes, the traders, the HODLers, the Guru’s and the OG’s to do this dedicated work towards complete mass adoption.